to die will be
an awfully big

by The Midnight Horrors



The Midnight Horrors X The Peter Pans (Barrie, Disney, Mary Martin’s made-for-TV movie, et al).

A DIY bedtime thriller. A pirated reproduction of Peter Pan/s (1904-2023). A lawless inventory of regression. Using pulleys, wire, Happy Thoughts™, and wrapped in gold foil emergency blankets the performers repurpose scenes, chapters, and a memory of an island that doesn’t exist.

TO DIE… is a unique collaboration between The Midnight Horrors with: cult performers, an animator, an academic, fashion designers (inc. the Winner of Victorian Premier’s Design Award for Fashion 2022), writers, musicians, climate activists, outlaws, outcasts, unrecognised geniuses, and bullshit artists.

TO DIE WILL BE AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE A.K.A. The Play That Wouldn’t Grow Up includes postmodernism / postdramatics / surrealism / pastiche / riot grrl / zine culture / punk / anticapitalism / antifascism / anarchy / counter culture / a crocodile / or a dog / climate action / contemporary theatre / live theatre / satire / apocalyptics / hysterics / ironic / heresy / heroism / trouble

Duration: 110min

Times: 730pm

Categories: theatre, live performance

Warnings: Strong language, nudity and loud music

Co-Creator / Performer / Co-Producer



Theatre Works – St. Kilda, 2024


Tobias Manderson-Galvin
Kerith Manderson-Galvin
Aquilla Sorensen
Chelsea Hickman

Darby Dupe
Michelle Myers
Patrick Fielding
JM Barrie

+ guests both special and otherwise