by Doppelgangster


2016 – ongoing

BABY is a 1985 American adventure fantasy film; what your lover calls you; and your mother calls you. An inconoclastic, rhapsodic and ice-cold performance on the problem of human agency.

This work will be enjoyed by you if you like: Throwing Bricks Through Windows, Enjoying, and a polar bear eating its young.

Text-based, post-dramatic, political satire that is mostly as described in the image above; an audience with a polar bear; a victim of climate change, forced migration and globalisation. You are what you eat and this beast has eaten it’s young, your young and smoked the entire meth crisis.

55 min

Yes it is.

21st Century +

“A supreme WTF of a show. Insane chaos.”

“I had a very good time. It’s not a very good show. I’d see it again.”

Oscar Balfour |

“Like a seventy-five minute joke no one except the performers are in on.”

Henry St Leger | Broadway Baby

Performer / Writer / Deviser

Previous Dates
VAULT Festival, 27 Jan – 7 Feb, 2016
The Pit, Waterloo Vaults, London, UK