Tobias Alexander Edward Manderson-Galvin | treefuckers
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by Doppelgangster



TREEFXXXERS orThe Tree FxxxersorTREE FUCKERSor ‘”TREE FELLERS”‘ is a new collaboration between playwright Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Dr Tom Payne, and students at Sheffield Hallam University’s Performance Lab.


Driving through Sheffield Tom mentioned to me that 17,000 trees were being cut down in the decidedly green city and the next thing we knew the car was parked overlooking a paddock, and we we sitting there talking for half a day as we threw ideas around.


The next stage is to go into the Performance Lab with a series of visions we had in the car, research from the growing TreeSave protest movement, and to crack it open with the cast.


What’s being developed is a compelling portrait of grass roots politics.


Terrorist acts, government corruption, generational neglect, climate change, young lust, class divide, and of course tree felling are all coming together. The work is being designed to be performed by any number of voices, and characters are being created depending on the number of performers and their given talents.


I look forward to being a part of this exciting activist spectacle.


Who knows? An hour? Two?

Yes it is.

Human and trees.

Presenting Partners
Sheffield Hallam University


Coming Dates
Sheffield, 2019