climate arts festival


inaugural festival 2016

Tobias was co-founder and co-Festival Director of this contemporary, climate-responsive, performance and art festival that took place in 2016, in Melbourne, Australia over 10 nights.


Hot!Hot!Hot! (pronounced without shouting) is a contemporary, climate-responsive, performance and art festival that was launched in 2016, in Melbourne, Australia over 10 nights from the 29th of June-09 July.


A synthesis of the diverse: extreme, experimental, activist/academic, speculative/progressive; supported by a cast of collaborators HOT!HOT!HOT! has two core members: Tobias Manderson-Galvin (MKA) and Dr Tom Payne (Bath Spa University). Hot!Hot!Hot!presents films and sound works, theatre and live art; producing performance works, installations and events!

The inaugural Hot!Hot!Hot! was presented by MKA: Theatre of New Writing using art, debate, and development to inflame brand new concepts, new forms, and new works.

Hot!Hot!Hot! = Climate Change!

Hot!Hot!Hot! puts to the torch the paradigm that climate change is  just the concern of policy makers, politicians, and big business!


The inaugural festival was run parallel to leading academic conference, Performance Studies International, in Melbourne in 2016. Hot!Hot!Hot! presented a one-off performance of Doppelgangster’s TITANIC especially for PSI2016 delegates.


The inaugural Hot!Hot!Hot! took place in Melbourne, in the reclaimed setting of an old 1960s school grounds – the then newly opened SITEWORKS*; the brand new site from by These Are The Projects We Do Together (Testing Grounds, Projector Bike) and proudly supported by Moreland City Council.

*SiteWorks provides the community with a range of facilities for skills sharing, ideas generation, experimental teaching and technology-related development


All festival sales go directly toHot!Hot!Hot!funding future actions, art, and adventures. In 2016 Hot!Hot!Hot! was presented by MKA: Theatre of New Writing, a not-for-profit, charity; then proudly funded by Creative Victoria.
Glory to the punter! Honour to the patron! Give until the oceans dry up, the land alights, and the Earth is no more.

Creative Director / Co-Founder